Students today learn differently. We think teachers should too.

TEACH-NOW is an approved online teacher preparation program that offers the most direct, innovative, and cost efficient way to become an effective, licensed teacher in the digital age.

Experience TEACH-NOW

TEACH-NOW models the collaboration, activity-based, technology-enabled skills that 21st century teachers require. Your learning will consist of the same kinds  of activities, projects, and individualized feedback and assessments that will make you a great teacher.

See for yourself…

TEACH-NOW  candidates come from all walks of life and life-stages – from around the globe and with many talents. They share the desire to be an extraordinary teacher. Learn More.

Are you:

  • A current or aspiring teacher who wants to learn the latest and best methods to teach young people to really learn in a digital age?
  • In need of a teaching certificate or license?
  • A mid-career changer and ready to make the switch to pursue a new or lifelong calling?
  • A Veteran who wants to apply your skills and accomplishments in the classroom?

Learn differently to teach differently.


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