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Our Program

Built for learning from the ground up

We are an online alternative teacher certification program preparing tomorrow’s teachers for tomorrow’s students in tomorrow’s learning world. TEACH-NOW is designed to be the ideal program for people who already hold a bachelor’s degree and want to become innovative, effective teachers in a digital age.


The effective use of technology is at the heart of our program. You will learn to think critically about technology in the classroom and in your personal learning community.


Research demonstrates teachers learn best from other teachers. That’s why our program is structured so that you will be learning as much from other candidates as from our instructors.


We don’t use tests and papers for assessment. Instead, your activities are designed to be immediately useful in your classroom or professional development.


No reading or activity can substitute for time spent in a classroom with real students. Our program puts you in schools from the very first module.

We practice our educational philosophy by preparing our candidates in the same way we want them to teach. TEACH-NOW’s learning design philosophy is based on three big ideas: learn by doing, collaborative learning and digital learning.

learning design diagram

TEACH-NOW features both synchronous and asynchronous components. Each week, you will work through the project-based curriculum on our always-accessible learning platform while sharing your experiences in our streaming video virtual classroom. This design is informed by research in cognitive studies that provide insight into how learning actually happens and what educators can do to ensure effectiveness.

Our curriculum is continuously improved based on the experience and feedback of our instructors and candidates. The program consists of eight modules covered over nine months:

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We turn the very best candidates into the very best teachers

One of TEACH-NOW’s fundamental ingredients is our admissions process. Since we emphasize collaboration throughout the program, it’s critical that all our candidates be top-notch. Here’s what we require:

When you apply using the button below, your application and transcripts will be reviewed by our Admissions staff and you will be contacted within a week with the result. We will then schedule a Skype interview with qualified applicants to discuss your application and answer any questions you might have about the program.

Another cohort of candidates starts each month, so you can get started whenever you’re ready. Payment and paperwork is due at the end of the month prior to when you want to start; during the first week, we schedule the first virtual class and send candidates login information for our platform.

Finally, if you’re coming here looking for our application through The Teacher Foundation in India, please apply here!

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Ask us about our payment plans!

We offer two options through TEACH-NOW: state certification only and a master’s degree plus certification (offered in partnership with the University of the Pacific).

Certification Only

  • Teaching certificate from Washington, DC
  • $6000 (minimum initial payment of $700)
  • 9 months to complete
  • Cohorts start every month
  • No travel to DC or the United States is required

Master’s Degree Plus Certification

  • M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from UOP
  • Teaching credential from California
  • $23,800 (traditional financial aid is available)
  • 12-15 months to complete
  • Cohorts start in fall, spring and summer semesters

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You've got questions; we've got answers

If you’ve got a question we didn’t answer below, please drop us an email (admissions@teach-now.com) or give us a call at 1-844-2TEACH-NOW (1-844-283-2246).

After I complete the program, will I be able to teach in XX state?

Typically, yes!

Each state creates its own requirements for granting teaching licenses (also called certification – same thing) through some office in their department of education. You can typically answer this question directly by searching for your state’s office and looking for their reciprocity guidelines. If they have reciprocity with Washington, DC then it’s just a matter of paperwork.

In any case, we’re happy to work with applicants to make sure they’ll be able to teach where they’d like after completing the program!

Can I continue working full-time while going through TEACH-NOW?

Yes, the first 6 months of the program are almost exclusively online. Keep in mind, though, that the program typically requires 15 – 20 hours of work per week. The last three months require 200 hours of classroom teaching with a mentor teacher. This can also overlap with an actual teaching job for candidates who are already in the classroom. This is certainly possible for candidates with a non-teaching full-time job, but requires a great deal of flexibility.

Do I have to pass any tests in order to get certified?

Yes, but the specific required tests vary state by state. We license teachers in Washington, DC, Arizona and California. Washington, DC requires the Praxis I and II; Arizona requires its own Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA); California requires their own California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and California Subject Examinations for Teacher (CSET).

In addition, some states may have additional or different testing requirements when applying for a reciprocal license. We’re happy to help candidates figure out what specific requirements they have given where they would like to teach.

Do I need a bachelor’s in what I want to teach?


Washington, DC uses the Praxis II tests to demonstrate subject mastery. You do not need to have a degree or any particular number of credit hours or specific courses in order to complete the program and become certified.

You will receive an entire module in the pedagogy of your subject, though it won’t involve any content instruction. For example, if you are seeking to be certified as a secondary math teacher, you will learn about teaching math, not calculus or statistics.

Do you have scholarships or financial aid available?

We are not able to fund candidates with scholarships at this point, although there are programs out there that you can find that will support career switchers who fulfill certain requirements.

For our masters degree option, traditional financial aid is available in the form of government loans. During the application process, you’ll fill out a FAFSA in order to apply for financial aid.

How does the student teaching requirement work?

Clinical experiences (live and virtual) are embedded throughout the 9-month program and the last 3 months consist of practice teaching in an actual school. We can assist candidates in finding a school–often the same school they are interested in getting a job with–and work directly with the school to help make arrangements for practice teaching with a TEACH-NOW trained mentor.

Clinical experiences for candidates enrolled in University of the Pacific joint program are overseen by TEACH-NOW and UOP’s Department of Field Experiences. Candidates will be mentored and assessed by CA-certified educators using the California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE).

For candidates already teaching, we work with them to identify a mentor who will guide and evaluate the candidate during the last 3 months of the program.

How long will my credential be valid? How can I get it renewed?

There’s currently no such thing as a lifetime license. All states require periodic renewal of their teaching licenses, including DC, Arizona and California. Further details can be found on each states’ relevant website:

  • Washington, DC – valid for 4 years, renewal information here
  • Arizona – valid for 6 years, renewal information here
  • California – valid for 5 years, renewal information here
Is TEACH-NOW accredited?

TEACH-NOW has been reviewed and is approved by DC’s Office of State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) and is included on their list of approved programs.

In addition, Teach-Now is a precandidate for CAEP accreditation and we are actively pursuing additional state approvals.

Is this a REAL teaching certificate?


TEACH-NOW has been reviewed and approved by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education in Washington, DC. You can see TEACH-NOW on the list of approved educator licensing programs here. We’re real!!

Graduates of our program are granted licenses in whichever subject area they pursue.

What additional materials will I have to buy or fees will I have to pay?


All of TEACH-NOW’s materials are accessible online through our learning platform and your tuition includes all of our fees.

You will only have to pay for the Praxis test series, the licensure application fee and any fees associated with a local background check and fingerprinting.

Who teaches it?

Our instructors are hand-selected master educators with many years excelling in the classroom. A few of our requirements are here:

  • More than 5 years of classroom experience
  • Demonstrated student achievement gains
  • Formal recognition of expertise (school or district award)
  • Demonstrated use of multiple technologies in the classroom

If this describes YOU and you’re interested in helping our candidates achieve success in their classrooms, drop us a note!

Will TEACH-NOW prepare me for the Praxis?

We do not include any Praxis prep materials in our program. You can get information on the Praxis test series at ETS. We encourage candidates to take the required tests as soon as they feel prepared.

There is generally no test requirement, either taking or passing, before entering the TEACH-NOW program. We will occasionally recommend to candidates that they at least pass Praxis Core (required of all teachers) before joining if they have test anxiety or are concerned about being able to pass.

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We're not the only ones who think we're amazing

You don’t have to take our word for it! Check out the October 9th Issue of Education Week which contains a profile on our founder: “Education Researcher Moves Into Certification Business” (subscriber access only) (PDF here).

TEACH-NOW graduates are not only applying their teaching skills at schools around the US and the world and they are active in educational circles. Recent graduate Adam Carter, currently teaching in Egypt, is one such example. Adam was recently highlighted by Edutopia for his work authoring several influential articles while focusing his own professional development on technology in the classroom. Check out his profile!

Check out a video one of our candidates made who later became an instructor!

“TEACH-NOW is a program to help passionate people become highly effective certified teachers. This program is a marriage of technology and innovative teaching and learning practices that I not only in the program, but also in my classroom. The extensive and user-friendly resources afford me the opportunity to share teaching practices with fellow educators to serve my students through collaboration and technology.”

Brandon Thompson – Teaching in US

“Every expert has been telling us where education should go, TEACH-NOW actually delivers. All of the other programs I’ve looked at are tied to the same old technology from ten years ago. TEACH-NOW uses the latest teaching standards and the latest technology so that you become the digital teaching expert. I have twelve years experience in technology and have actually broadened my knowledge in education and technology through this program.”

Robert Mace – Teaching in Saudi Arabia

“This program is an amazing opportunity for folks who are interested in pursuing a career in education. It is focused on novel ideas, technologies and readiness for the 21st century. It tackles strategies to prepare both the students and educators for the ever-changing world, plus you get a certificate in 9 months. I would highly recommend it if you are thinking about starting an alternative route for certification.”

Mohammed Filali – Teaching in US

“The Teach-Now program is an innovative, state-of-the-art teacher training program that is well-suited to the needs of the international educator. The course content is research-based, cutting edge, challenging, and delivered in a supportive environment. Participants engage in collaborative and individual assignments that incorporate the latest educational technology tools and sound pedagogical objectives. Teach-Now is an excellent choice for international educators who wish to earn or renew U.S. teaching credentials.”

Kelly Mekdici – Head of School in Guyana

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About Us

Our Mission

TEACH-NOW’s mission is to equip, enable and empower teachers to go into any learning environment, anywhere in the world, to diagnose where each learner is – based on learning ability and achievement, regardless of socioeconomic status – and to design and implement learning experiences that ensure that each student learns, grows and develops.

The TEACH-NOW solution is designed to serve teachers directly and to partner with leading providers of teacher preparation programs.

Our Team

Emily Feistritzer

Founder and President

Emily has been revolutionizing the field of global teacher preparation and certification for over forty years, having begun her career as a high school science and mathematics teacher, then university-level teacher educator. She founded and was CEO of the National Center for Education Information, which published 45 widely acclaimed books on education and numerous reports and articles on topics ranging from teacher supply and demand to the preparation and certification of teachers. She also founded the National Center for Alternative Certification, a clearinghouse for data and information about teachers and their preparation. She has been covered extensively by the media. As an advisor to educational policy decision-makers at all levels, Emily has testified before Congress and state legislatures and briefed members of presidential administrations. She earned her Bachelor’s from Thomas More College, her Master’s in Physics and Mathematics Education from the College of William and Mary, and a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Donna Gollnick

Chief Academic Officer

Donna’s extensive experience in teacher preparation includes the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), where she served as Senior Vice President and oversaw teacher preparation program approval for 25 years. She received the Advocate for Justice Award while serving as the Director of Professional Development for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) and is the past-president of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). She also taught secondary school in South Bend and Carmel, Indiana. Donna is the co-author of the textbooks, Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society and An Introduction to the Foundations of American Education. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Purdue University and a Doctorate in Intercultural Education from the University of Southern California.

Kunali Sanghvi

Chief Learning Officer

Prior to joining TEACH-NOW, Kunali brings twelve years of experience as a senior instructional designer at LearningMate Solutions, Knowledge Horizon E-Learning and Aptara designing innovative online learning solutions for K-12, higher education, professional development and corporations. Prior to her career in instructional design, she worked as a special education teacher and a feature writer for print and online news organizations. Kunali holds a Master’s degree from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey University, Mumbai, a post-graduate diploma in Journalism and Bachelor’s degrees from St. Xaviar College and the University of Mumbai. She speaks five languages and lives in Bangalore, India.

Greg Garrison

Director of Operations

As a Deputy Chief in the Office of Data and Accountability at DC Public Schools, Greg led a team that focused on a variety of uses of data from determining instructional program effectiveness to school performance management. He also managed student assessment data analysis and reporting, and data analysis training for school personnel. While at Accenture, Greg managed several federal IT delivery and strategy projects. No stranger to the classroom, he has taught math and computer science for Fairfax County Public Schools as well as test prep courses for The Princeton Review. He started his career as a software developer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Math from Longwood University and a Master’s in Education from the University of Virginia.

Katie McManus

Director of Admissions

Katie has over fourteen years of marketing and management consulting experience. In the roles of Marketing Manager and Trade Show Manager at Robbins Gioia, she was responsible for CRM/marketing automation as well as database management, event planning, social media, corporate strategy and product launches. She has also served as a Marketing Manager at Washington Speakers Bureau, where she worked with dignitaries such as Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright. Katie holds a Bachelor’s degree from George Mason University.

Tess Lippincott

Admissions Officer

Tess combines her strong communication skills, experience as an early education teacher at Sidwell Summer, and as social media advisor at School the World to be the “face” of TEACH-NOW to applicants as well as Candidates going through the certification process. A graduate of the University of Vermont, Tess has also lived and travelled extensively, most recently in New Zealand where she worked on a Vineyard and immersed herself in life “down under.”

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