Why choose TEACH-NOW Educatore for your preparation?

TEACH-NOW Educatore prepares tomorrow’s teachers for tomorrow’s learners in tomorrow’s learning world.

TEACH-NOW Educatore offers the most direct and cost effective pathway to teaching in the digital age. Here is what it can do for you:

  • Streamline the steps to licensure by allowing you to continue doing what you’re doing while acquiring your certification to teach
  • Provide a high-quality Master’s program – at a fraction of the cost – and in less time
  • Help you learn to teach by using the same technologies and project-based curriculum you will use in your own classrooms
  • Give you ample practice using the project-based learning technologies and project-based curriculum you will use – before you’re on the firing line.
  • Ground you in the latest cognitive and brain-based research that you need in order to diagnose your own students’ learning needs
  • Reinforce your learning by sharing your experiences and receiving individualized feedback on your teaching through streaming video and in our virtual classroom
  • Clarify how learning actually happens and what you can do to ensure its effectiveness

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